Which Model 3 rendering will be closest

We are about two months away from the unveiling of the Model 3, Tesla’s upcoming mass market car, and we can hardly wait. In the meantime, we can only make educated guesses on what the car will look like, but renderings from amateur designers can also help us imagine it.

We gathered some of our favorite renderings and sketches below to try to figure out which ones could end up looking similar to the final product.

Tesla is developing a new platform and battery architecture for the Model 3 and plans to release the Model Y on the same platform. While the Model 3 is expected to be a small sedan, the Y is believed to be a crossover, perhaps with ‘Falcon Wing’ doors like the Model X. It’s not clear if the Model 3 and Model Y will be unveiled at the same time.

But as far as the design goes, it’s anyone’s best guess at this point. Tesla CEO Elon Musk first said that it will “not look like any other car”, but he also said that Tesla might be more conservative with the design.

Let’s get started:

McHoffa’s Model 3

Based on Musk’s  comment the Model 3 will be about 20% smaller than the Model S, a popular theory is that the Model 3 will also look like a shorter Model S. McHoffa on TMC published this design which represents the theory. He also added covers for the rear wheels on the second picture because, as Electrek reported, Tesla is considering some extreme aerodynamic details to bring the CD down to 0.20.

Stumpf Studio’s Model 3

Designer James Stumpf shared what he envisions the Model 3 could look like. It might look a little too much like a crossover to be a sedan Model 3, and in my opinion, it’s too much of a “weirdmobile” for Tesla.

But Stumpf gets points for using three horizontal lines instead of vertical ones to make the “3” in “Model 3”.

JODRY’s Model 3

This rendering from illustrator/writer Julien Jodry (@JJODRY) is one of my favorite. It’s similar to Easy Charge’s sketches you will see below. I think a similar design with the Model X’s front end and suicide doors would make for an amazing looking Model 3.

Theophilus Chin’s Model 3 hatchback

We don’t have any indication that neither the Model 3 or Model Y could be a hatchback, but after thewagon version of the Model S getting so much praise, I thought I would slip-in this design by Theophilus Chin. What do you think?

Easy Charge’s Model 3 sketches

Charging station maker Easy Charge took the opportunity to sketch the Model 3 while showing its charger design. Like I said, it is reminiscent of Jodry’s design seen above, which is probably my favorite. I hope the real thing will look similar, but maybe with more aerodynamic details.

roow110’s Model 3

We have a smaller Model S by McHoffa and now a small Model S/X fusion to make a Model 3 byroow110 on TMC. If Tesla was to stick with its design line, roow’s render would be a safe bet for the Model 3, but I’m not so sure based on Musk’s comments.

Let us know which one you think will resemble the final product:

Which of these renderings will look the most similar to the Tesla Model 3?


Model (compact) by Unknown Designer

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